The liberal mainstream media is out of control

We are going to put their heads on a stick to get the answers to the questions we want. Not the ones they want to give

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Meet your host. Tommy Salami


 Great interviews and commentary by Tommy Salami . 

Tommy Salami is the Conservative Goombah. Mr. Salami is your host, not your waiter!

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Great interviews


Tommy Salami interviews some of todays top political figures as well as people in the media that make todays politics tick.

Great political insight by Gabe Lincoln


Gabe is Abe's cousin.

Gabe uses some of his cousins whimsical and profound sayings and puts them to work in todays political setting. He is also known for his own sayings and some are real "doozies".

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Book Reviews


Great Book Reviews By Tommy Salami. Don't know what to say in that heated political moment? Win that debate every time armed with knowledge to shoot down your political foe.

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Get on the "right" track


We value conservative thought.

Even if you are not really a Republican we want you to know who we are. 

If you know the answer before the question is asked, you got some learning to do.

We don't do conspiracies


We do facts with parody to magnify the absurd from both sides of the isle.

Don't let the choice few in Government and on TV form your opinion.

Question authority and think for yourself.